Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mop Head

which way now?

Flying Mop

Hungarian Komondor sheepdog certainly mop up attention when they are taken out for a walk.

Their dreadlocked white coat takes 24 hours to dry after washing and experts insist that they should never be brushed - good news for the owners.

Shaggy Fashion

A model wore an outfit by designer Michiko Koshino during London Fashion Week (2005). She laboured under an entire department store's worth of mop heads, the ropey ends trailing around her head and totally engulfing her body.

Natural Mop Head

Western Pasque Flower (Buttercup Family)

Flower: Large, white to cream, bowl-shaped, numerous stamens and pistils, 5 - 10 petal-like sepals, no petal. At maturity the plumose styles produce a spherical to ovoid cluster resembling a mop or troll's head.
Blooms: May-September
Leaves: Pinnate with finely dissected segments
Height: 6 - 24 inches
Stem: After pollination the flowering stem begins a noticeable elongation, pushing the fruits (plumed seeds) up into the air.
Found: Subalpine to alpine rocky slopes.