Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Busy Knitting For Youkou

I knitted so hard to finish these dresses, as they will be sent together with Youkou to my mom. So Youkou will have something I made for her even we are far far away from each other.

Hat Swap

cinnablythe sent us three hats, thank you!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Go Skating


'Youkou, I'm going to FALLLLLL.....'


Bobo: 'Somebody give me a hand!'
Youkou: 'Don't you worry Bobo!'

Youkou: 'Keep your head up, and you will soon find your centre of gravity!

Behind The Scene: Ginny had been very interested in watching me posing my gilrs, but she was scared off when Bobo really approached her.

Don't Leave, Bobo!

Youkou: 'You are such a sweet girl, we will have a lot of fun! I promise I will help you with hoovering and ironing!!'

Bobo: 'En.......That sounds nice......'

Youkou: 'Here, I brought you some cookies from London!'

Bobo: 'You know I can't say no to cookies!!'

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Leaving......

Bye bye Ginny, my friend...

There's a new girl in the house, she's pretty like a princess, I.....I.....I think knit_purr won't love me any more......

It's time for me to leave......

......so lonely......


New Girl 'Youkou'

He named her 'Youkou', which means 'sunshine', and 'crimson', therefore suits her very well.

She takes my breath away.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Practical Joke

'Let me Give her......'

 '...... A Heart Attack!!!'

Red Torch

Keep you and you doll safe in the dark.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Endless Ironing...

Outfit: crafting with love
Hair Clip: Unknown
Basket: Barbie
Socks: Only Hearts Club
Shoes: Barbie MJ
iron & ironing board: Re-ment
blue knickers (on the ironing board): lace52000
hanger: Barbie
white top: puppy52

How Many Barbie Dolls Have Been Killed?

Luckily, I got many pairs of MJ shoes from a friend's awesome collection, other pairs came from different sources. So I'm innocent, don't have blood on my hands. :D

The pair in the middle is from 'Only Hearts Club' outfit, my favourite pair!!

(It seems this kind of photos are quite popular on Flickr.)

Yes, Another Hat!

Again, based on Betsyjean79's hat pattern.

Bobo's New Hat

Pattern: Betsyjean79's Easy Hat Pattern

Many thanks to Betsy!