Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Small Drink Won't Hurt


A lovely gift from dear KK.

(And we got two pairs of Coco shoes yesterday as well!!)

Mitten Commission

Knitted for J. It's my first time making so many mittens in one go!


Our Awesome Swap With Squeakymonkey

So very well made, we cherish it very much!!


This picture was taken several weeks ago. Yo-Yo's face has cute baby fat.

(He loves this picture so much and it's now his MSN icon.)

Rika Has Arrived!

My new girl has lustrous soft hair and an angel's face.

We Love Pockets!

Parcel DAY!!!

Awesome gifts from dear lace52000!! It's so difficult to have everything in one picture, please click here to see a larger version.

Tiny necklaces made by lace52000

She even sent something especially to my mom!!!

Parcel DAY!!!

Awesome gifts from dear lace52000!! It's so difficult to have everything in one picture, please click here to see a larger version.

I'm Not Lonely...

I'm Not Lonely...

 ... I Have My Music!

3 Dresses

Pink Encore

Green Dress

I was wondering how Zarita would look like in green.

The picture was taken in the early morning, there was frost on the lawn.

Again, Momomo borrows Blythe's dress.


I knitted this hat for Betsyjean79. (Halloween hat for September's swap.)
We are so happy it has arrived safely.

Autumn Dress, Made On Order

Tried a new stitch, and an autumn colour.

Not supposed to be a Momoko dress, but Miya borrowed it.

Yo-Yo in autumn dress

Kozy's such a pretty doll, one is not enough....

One Piece Bobble Top

I have sent the pattern to knit this top to Dolly Culture.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Sweetest Halloween

Just received the awesome gifts from Betsyjean79, Bobo and I are thrilled to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love this hat so much!! Betsy is the the queen of inspiration!!!

Bobo insists to wear the hat THIS way!

(Dress and tights by wererabbit (Ro))

My Favorite Re-ment

All White in One

The autumn chill cannot stop her taking a stroll.

Scarf, Coat: Skate Date
Bag: Volks WTG
Boots: Model's own

August Hat Swap - Sent

Youkou was modelling the 'Siu-Mai' hat I knitted for cinnablythe.

Gifts from kanomping10

Sweet gifts from dear kanomping10: a notebook (designed by herself) features 'Miss Moody Bloaty' (also designed by her!), and a necklace (I've been wearing it everyday since I got it, wonder what 'B' stands for? :D). She also sent me a postcard with Miss Moody Bloaty's famous 'What a day!!'. It cheers me up a lot during work, so I left it in my office.

Sony Cafe

She's my new girl Sony, too cute to resist!!
She arrived at the same time of this fabulous Starbucks set (made by talented frenchpants).


I brought her to work today, poor girl, although so well dressed, she couldn't do anything but sat there waiting.

These were taken at lunch break, weather is lovely these days.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I think she is waiting for something, or somebody...


Goldie loves birdie!

We named her after a friend, who is a big version of Goldie.
RED is so Zarita's colour!

Hi knit_purr, Say 'Cheeeeeeeese'!

At last, my turn to take a picture of YOU!

Miya's Day Out ---- September 6

@National Library

In the garden.

Got you!!


I love the not-so-baby colour, the edges are actually in ecru.
It's so dark here, couldn't take a better picture.

I saved it for Bobo!

Look Who's Back!!

Bobo has come back from her holiday with mickyjoye, I'm thrilled by her cuteness! (She even gave her this pair of very special eye chips!)

I sent her naked, but she was wearing this pretty dress when I got her back (and knickers!) Many thanks to mickyjoye!

Youkou and Ginny

She has arrived safely today and is staying with my mom now. I'm so happy for both of them.

This picture was taken the day I got this pretty girl.

Sweet Girls

These were taken when they were still with me. Then Youkou was sent to my mom, and Bobo went to London to see J.